iUMENTAS Life Science is the sister concern of Tulip Meditex. It was established as a partnership firm on 16th August 2019. Tulip Meditex, established in 1993, is in the business of agriculture and animal husbandry. From the onset in 1993, we have been striving hard and serving successfully in the field of livestock, veterinary, poultry, dairy and aquaculture. We are the manufacturer of like Feed Supplements & Nutraceuticals.

  • 1993

    • Tulip Meditex was established.
    • The business started running and delved into manufacturing Poultry Products. 
  • 1994

    • With the business setting a strong foot, the venture branched out and entered the industry of Veterinary Products. 
  • 2001

    • The dedicated members and the employees made it possible for the business to see exponential growth in the years since 1994. They then went onto including the Aquamarine products into the business. 
  • 2019

    • Still going steep into the business growth, Tulip Meditex went on and established its sister concern iUMENTAS Life Science.
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