The common aquaculture products focus on bettering the water quality for the fish to have a healthier and richer life. 


Specially Formulated Aquaculture Grade Granular Zeolite. The specially designed formula of Aqualite helps to achieve the best result with minimum quantity. Aqualite not only cleans the water but also helps to increase phytoplankton level and oxygen quality Aqualite can use during pond preparation and during culture. Aqualite contains zero antibiotics.

Aquadin 20

Aquadin 20 is an aquaculture grade Iodine in 2%, 10% and 20% concentration. Aquadin 20 is a safe and economical broad spectrum potent sanitizing agent against any biological hazard. It works as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-protozoal and anti-fungal agent in an aquaculture pond. Aquadin 20 does not contain any anti-biotic.

Do-Raise Tablet Featured Image

Do-Raise Tablet

DORAISE is a potential dissolved oxygen releaser in tablet form. It helps in quick and instant supply of Oxygen in oxygen depleted ponds. It supplies Oxygen over a long period of time. It is a back-up for aerator and stress remover for fish.


Geomax is natural granular zeolite of highest purity for aquaculture use. Geomax cleans aquaculture pond water from any chemical hazard and makes it suitable for culture. Geomax does not contain any antibiotic or antibiotic like substances.

Toxinate Tablet

Toxinate Tablet is a highly formulated ammonia reducer with advanced technology for aquaculture ponds. It is a highly specialized formulated compound of nitrification probiotics and natural toxic gas absorbents in suitable proportions.

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