DORAISE is a potential dissolved oxygen releaser in tablet form. It helps in quick and instant supply of Oxygen in oxygen depleted ponds. It supplies Oxygen over a long period of time. It is a back-up for aerator and stress remover for fish.


D-Raise is water soluble Perborate and Phosphate tablets that generates oxygen steadily over a period of time.

Why Tablet Form is better than Powder Form?


  • Fish/Shrimp Pond: 1-2 kg / hectare
  • During Oxygen Crisis: 2.5-4 kg / hectare
  • Biofloc: 200 gm/10,000 litre tank

Important: Consult aqua-consultant for any assistance or emergency

Storage: Keep in a safe, cool and dry place.

Package 1
500 gm
  • Foil Pack
Package 2
1 Kg
  • Foil Pack
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