Geomax is natural granular zeolite of highest purity for aquaculture use. Geomax cleans aquaculture pond water from any chemical hazard and makes it suitable for culture. Geomax does not contain any antibiotic or antibiotic like substances.


Geomax contains natural granular zeolite in purest form.


  • Geomax cakes pond water clean and fresh.

  • High Ionic Exchange Activity of Geomax absorbs Hydrogen Monoxide, Carbon Monoxides, Ammonia and other toxic gases from pond bottom.

  • GEOMAX improves DO level & enhance plankton growth.

  • Geomax has best Cationic Exchange Capacity (CEC) in natural form.

  • Geomax Neutralizes the absorbed toxic ammonia by Ion exchanging the free ammonium.

  • Geomax controls bad odor from pond water by neutralizing the noxious Ammonia.

  • Geomax decrease stress in Aquatic ecosystem by neutralizing pollutants.

  • Geomax prevent chance of pathogenic outbreak

  • Geomax is economical, Stable, Antibiotic Free, Natural form.

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During pond preparation: 30-40 kg/hectare
During culture:
Black Tiger Prawn: 5 kg/acre
L. vannamei Pond: 7.5-10 kg/acre
Fresh water Pond: 5 kg/acre

Use twice a month to get best result (followed by netting). Consult aqua-consultant for any assistance or emergency.

Take the recommended quantity of GEOMAX granules and broadcast all over the pond uniformly

Store in a cool and dry place.

Package 1
  • Bucket
Package 2
  • Bucket
Package 3
  • PP Woven Bag
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