As an owner of a pet, the protective and motherly nature comes anyhow.  It is natural for you to wish your dogs or cats to have a better and comfortable life. With an innate love for them, iUMENTAS Life Science wishes nothing less than a healthy life for your pets. As a leading brand, it supplies a diverse array of products in the dog and cat feed supplements including best of myriad vitamins and minerals.

Working towards making it possible for you to give better health and growth of your cats and dogs – all thanks to our customers for believing in us being the best among dog or cat deworming manufacturers and exporters in India as well as dog and cat hair tonic manufacturers in India. 

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Fish flavoured Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acid with Vitamins containing Fish Oil with EPA & DHA. It contains zero antibiotic or hormones or steroids.

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Chicken flavoured Multivitamin feed supplements for pets with no steroids and hormones. For a complete nutritional spectrum for all kind of dogs.

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Liquid protein supplement and growth promoter for rapid growth and performance booster. It is a casein protein. No usage of animal derived protein or antibiotic or steroids or hormones during the preparation.

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