Liquid protein supplement and growth promoter for rapid growth and performance booster. It is a casein protein. No usage of animal derived protein or antibiotic or steroids or hormones during the preparation.


  1. Peptides
  2. Yeast Extract
  3. Vitamins
  4. Choline
  5. Anti Oxidant
  6. Digestive Enzymes
  7. Essential Amino Acids


  • Improves muscle and tissue formation.
  • Boost up growth for puppies.
  • Boost up performance for dogs.
  • Improves activity.
  • Enhance post-surgical and post-trauma immunity.
  • Anti-oxidant supplement.


Please take advise from veterinarian before use.

  • Large breeds/Performers: 15-20 ml daily
  • Moderate breeds: 8-10 ml daily
  • Small breeds/Puppies: 3-5 ml daily
Presentation 1
100 ml
Presentation 2
200 ml

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