Values defines iUMENTAS Life Science’s strive for providing a better lifestyle to our subjects. Being minutely concerned about the work environment and ethics is our duty. iUMENTAS Life Science‚Äôs values are centred around their buyers and users. Our mission is to help you take care of your pets and livestock. We want to help implement our discoveries to better the health of your pets and all animals in general. As a brand dedicated to veterinary medicine, our prime mission is to provide that to your pet and livestock.

Our main goal at iUMENTAS Life Science is SERVE WITH CARE.  Our prime vision is to become one of the leading service providers in the Animal Healthcare and Nutraceuticals industry with a stronger foothold in Pan India. We believe in innovations and providing the best quality products. With our selective formulations, hand-picked grade resources, availability of the products, after-sales service to our clients and reasonable prices, we hope to cater to all your needs and requirements.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Nurture Ourselves: We at iUMENTAS Life Science take our work very seriously. We believe in striving for the best for ourselves and our customers alike. We take full responsibility for our outcomes. We stay open to learning and unlearning at all times. 
  2. Innovative: Every product we come out with is unique in its category. Our products are always ready to provide something new and innovative to our customers. We focus on animal husbandry for their safety and prevent any minute animal cruelty by any means possible. Our prime focus is based on the nutritional and sanitary dimensions of the animals.
  3. Team Work: At iUMENTAS Life Science we maintain certain strategic teamwork amongst ourselves, which helps us bring forward a positive outcome through all our projects. In staying together and work as a team, along with all different sorts of strengths and differences, we make sure to have a unique mixture of ideations almost always. 
  4. For the Customers: iUMENTAS Life Science is equally responsible for our buyers and our subject animals. We assist our customers throughout the process; from purchasing from us till it the end result. We dwell in the joy of a through success. 
  5. Go Green: We have always been vocal about the environment and we are deeply concerned about the future. Thus, we work hard to manufacture products which would not harm the environment and have an essence of sustainability.

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