Making it a point to deliver the best quality product to the customers, iUMENTAS Life Science takes its decisions about the resources, solely to maintain the quality of the products in accordance to QMSP and relying on unbiased, uninterrupted, scientific resources. Taking into consideration, what customers might need and providing them with an array of products has helped them build a strong and trustworthy personality, unmatched among the other healthcare product manufacturers along the same line.  The products manufactured are all an outcome of measures that are carefully formulated. It includes procurement of high quality goods and raw materials, which are used only after rigorous and thorough check. The reason behind the manual labour their workers put in. The working facility is devoid of any heavy, electric, auto or semi-automatic machinery.

Products made are compatible and safe to be kept in a room temperature for 24-36 months when sealed and packed. And that is how the storage unit preserves it for a maximum of 4 months. The quality control of this feed supplementary company is made possible by modern laboratories and by using equipment of high standard. All procedures, manufacturing flow charts, business issues and safety measures are subject to regular monitoring, analysis and evaluation. Manufacturing procedures and formulations are monitored and evaluated.  Evaluation is performed on a regular basis by all staff. Evaluations on manufacturing, processing, logistics, hazard analysis, hazard management are performed and datas are recorded. Evaluation is a continual process of Iumentas Life Science. 

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