1. Intellectual property rights:

All content of the website should remain as intellectual property of the company. Materials and contents of the website should not be used as business tools or any other promotions for non-licensed farms/companies/authorities.

  1. Restrictions:

No content of the website should be promoted on social media platforms without authority concerns.

No matter of the website should be sub-licensed to make commercial others wisely.

Damage or modification of image or content shall be a matter of legal actions.

  1. Rights of modification:

All rights of modifications is a matter of confidentiality for iUMENTAS Life Science only.

  1. Warranties:

Company will not bear any product warranty after the expiry date printed on the product.

Warranties are applicable on any in transit damage of the products.

  1. Limitations and Liabilities:

Iumentas Life Science is engaged in production, manufacturing and dealing of veterinary and aquaculture feed supplements only. None of our products is for human consumption.

We do not manufacture any medicine or vaccine or antibiotic or hormones or steroids. We do manufacture only nutraceuticals.

  1. Revision and Modification of Terms:

Iumentas Life Science is completely authorized to revise the terms and conditions over time and to modify it. Also, the management of Iumentas Life Science are liable to perform Quality Management Review and should update all the necessary modifications to this website.

  1. Law and Jurisdiction:

Any disputes are matter of Kolkata jurisdiction only.

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